November 15, 2015


November 13, 2015, the team member attended the talk ” Harry Potter’s Cloak via Transformation Optics ” given by Professor Gunther Uhlmann of University of Washington.

Professor Hu is invited to give a plenary talk on International conference on engineering vibration, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 7-10 September 2015.

On June 20th, 2015, 17 famous scholars including Pro. Norris from Rutgers University, Pro. Qichang He from University Paris-Est and Pro. Tianjian Lu from Xi’an Jiaotong University were invited to the lab and attended a two-day meeting on ‘Wave Mechanics in Heterogeneous materials’.

Prof. Assauer of Université de Lorraine was invited to have one-week visit the Lab and gave a talk on “Acoustic metamaterials for sound mitigation and energy harvesting”.

Prof. Jun Yang of Western University was invited to have a two-day visit to the Lab and gave a talk on the lately progress of 3D printing.

Prof. Weitz of Harvard University was invited to have a one-day visit to the Lab and gave a talk on “New routes to particle synthesis: Making particles one by one”.

Prof. Guoliang Huang of University of Missouri was invited to have a two-week visit to the Lab and gave a talk on “Subwavelength Wave Propagation Control by Using Active Elastic Metamaterials”.

Prof.Jose of Universidad Politecnica de Valencia is invited to have one week’s visit in the Lab and give a talk about his work.The group members have a good communication with him, and we also make plans for more academic collaborations in the future between two countries.

Prof.Ruzzene of Georgia Institute of Technology is invited to visit in the Lab and gave a talk on “Structural Health and Strain Monitoring Sensing Through Fourier-Based Wave Transducers”.

Seven new members joined in our Lab in 2014.