November 28, 2015

Pattern Control of Microstructure

Pattern Control of Microstructure

Study of wrinkle mechanism and features of membrane with microstructure

Introducing microstructure into homogeneous membrane will change wrinkle patterns. We studied the mechanism and features of wrinkle mechanism of membrane. We made holes on the membrane with two ends fixed. Changing the position, radius and distribution of these holes, we found different wrinkle patterns. And through characteristic bulking analysis, post bulking analysis and stress analysis, explanation to mechanical mechanism is given. We got the wrinkle mechanism of membrane with microstructure and the relationship between wrinkle pattern and position, radius, distribution of holes. This helped us control the wrinkle pattern.


D Yan, K Zhang, F Peng, G Hu. Tailoring the wrinkle pattern of a microstructured membrane, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 071905, 2014.

Study of structure transformation based on 3D printing

According to research, 3D printed high polymeric periodic tube bundles will contract and have pattern transformation phenomenon under heating condition. The reason is that residual strain in structure imported by 3D printing precess will be released during heating. Experiment shows that the residual strain will increase as printing speed increases. Combining 3D printing high polymer with other materials, like paper, we can make various intelligent structures. This kind of intelligent structures will self folding to 3D lightweight structures in condition of heating and cooling down. Comparing with other self-folding structure fabrication technology, this method is simple and low cost.