November 28, 2015



Electromagnetic in-field test system


  • Measure: S, refraction angle, phase offset
  • Frequency range: 10MHz ~20GHz
  • 123 dB dynamic range & 0.006 dB trace noise
  • Measure speed: 26 ms/point, 32 channel, 16001 points
  • Support TRL/LRM calibration, and measurement for crystal, waveguide, antenna
  • Mixer transfer loss, echo loss, insulation and absolute group delay.
Transmit and receive EM wave. Measure amplitudes and phases of single/dual port network. Measure EM reflection, transmission, screening quality of materials. Measure EM field distribution.

Brüel&Kjær type-4206 acoustic test system


  • Impedance tube, model: 4206T.
    Software: PULSE 7700.
    Data acquisition and signal generator: 3560C.
    Power amplifier: 2716C.
    Microphone: 4187.
    Preamplifier: 2670.
    Calibrator: 4231.
  • Operating power: 10W~50W.
    Empty field loss: 50Hz-4kHz [4%] 5kHz-6.3kHz [10%]
  • Large tube: length-700mm, internal diameter-100mm, measurement range-50Hz~1.6kHz.
    Middle tube: length-910mm, internal diameter-63mm, measurement range-100Hz~3.2kHz.
    Small tube: length-850mm, internal diameter-29mm, measurement range-500Hz~6.4kHz
Measure sound absorption ratio, reflection ratio and transmission ratio. Normalize impedance and admittance.

Ultrapac System ultrasonic nondestructive inspection system


  • Ultrasonic pulse acquisition card combining transmitting and receiving functionality. (Bandwidth up to 30MHz, 12 digits precision).
  • Multi axes motion controller with position coder and power amplifier.
  • CNC machine drives multi DOF scanning system with sweeping speed up to 500mm/s and high precision (up to 0.05mm)
  • Integrated software capable of sweeping surface, analyzing destruction, imaging and evaluating the result.
Nondestructive test for parts

MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D Printer


  • Environment temperature: 15°C ~ 32°C.
    Reserving: 0°C ~ 32°C.
  • AC input: 100 ~240V, 50 ~60 Hz.
    Connectivity: USB, Micro SD
  • Platform: Black anodized 356F aluminum.
    Printing technology: Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
    Positioning accuracy: X-Y plane 11um, Z axis 2.5 um.
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Software: MakerWare.
    Supported file type: .stl, .obj, .thing.
Prototyping products and making small parts

Flexible structure vibration test system


  • NI motion control system: motion controller, driver, motor, coder
  • Motion controller NI-7342: An integrated 32 bit CPU, a DSP and a customizable logic gate array. Running up to 10 programs simultaneously. Able to control 2 axes motion at the same time.
  • NI PCI-4461 acquisition card: Dynamic measurement range-118dB. Resolution-24 bit. Maximum sampling rate and refreshing rate: 204.8kS/s. Support 2 port analogue input and output. Maximum input voltage: ±42.4V. Maximum output voltage: ±10V.
  • Software: LabVIEW program
Study on vibration control of continuous and discrete system.

LeCroy Wavepro 7200A oscilloscope


  • Bandwidth: 2 GHz.
    Channel quantity: 4.
    Risetime: 225ps.
  • Max recording length: 48 M points in 2 channels, 24 M points in 1 channel.
    Resampling speed: 200 GS/s.
    Single time sampling speed: 20 GS/s (2 channels), 10 GS/s (4 channels).
  • Bandwidth limit: 25 MHz-200 MHz.
    Vibrating background noise: 1 ps RMS.
  • Input impedance: 50 ohm (+/-1.50%), 1M ohm (+/-1.25%).
  • Sensitivity: 1M ohm-2mV~2V/div, 50 ohm-2mV~1V/div.
  • Max input voltage: 50 ohm-5V RMS, 1M ohm-100V MAX (DC-10kHz).
Viewing wave curve of signals. Analyzing voltage, current, frequency, phase difference and amplitude.

Acoustic field scanning system


  • System components: sounding device, scanning platform, controlling device, acquisition installation.
  • Scale of platform: 1000mm x 1000mm.
  • Scanning range: 500Hz ~ 20kHz.
Measurement for acoustic wave amplitude and phase in far field of acoustic metamaterial.